3 Autumn Fruits to Help You Have a Balanced Lifestyle

October 26, 2013

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Autumn FruitsIn the case of teenage women especially, losing weight is a constant concern, for both the health and looks points of view. But following a strict diet not once led to more health problems and metabolic dysfunctions, as many young women fall into the trap of obsession, striving to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time, sometimes with disastrous consequences. And even if there are well established diets out there that have been proved efficient, they usually imply more than starvation, eating the same thing for days or renouncing completely to some otherwise healthy and necessary products. A good diet means a change in one’s lifestyle and vision over health, it takes a longer period of time and is usually combined with regular physical training and alimentary supplemental, although some formulas scientifically proved to be more efficient in weight loss than dieting and sports combined, such is the case of  TRIMSPA original formula.

But for a healthy lifestyle and a progressive rational weight loss, we can take advantage of nature’s gifts and since it is autumn, let’s see three seasonal delicious fruits that can help us maintain a healthy system and even lose some weight.

  1. Plums

Keeping a plum diet during the fall is a healthy habit more women should follow, as plums have enormous benefits on our digestive system, they contain vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals and fibers and specialists found out that eating at least ten plums a day does miracles to our nervous system, mostly due to the vitamin B.

A plum diet doesn’t mean eating plums all day, but following a dieting schedule and introducing the plums as a daily supplement, while you are still aloud to have a soup for lunch, dietetic yogurt, vegetables and grilled lean meat, as long as you avoid at least for a weak all fats and fried foods. You can eat plums for a whole day, but only if you had a week of decent dieting beforehand.

  1. Apples

Regarding the health benefits of apples, we could write entire scientific papers and maybe we would still have something to discover. A cure with apples or having an apple a day is a reasonable thing to consider, whether you want to lose weight or just you want to maintain your health. Since the cold season is very close and the organism will suffer, an apple diet in order to strengthen the body is quite recommended. For those who want to lose weight very fast, nutritionists admit you can eat only apples for three days and consume large quantities of liquids. However, it is a little drastic and some people with gastric discomfort or gastric chronic diseases should avoid this diet. A healthy lifestyle with weight loss consequences implies having at least 2 apples a day, drinking water and exercise. Winter will also come with colds, flu, vulnerability, so it is better to keep us strong and protected by having an apple diet all autumn long.

  1. Grapes

They are ones of the healthiest fruits you can enjoy during the season and even if they have the reputation of actually fattening, it is not quite true, as they contain a lot of good substances, protecting the heart, the nervous system, to prevent cancer and keep us safe from bacteria. Flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, they are all combined in this flavored and savory fruit. A very strict grape diet would imply you eating only grapes for three days and having large quantities of liquids, but if you suffer from any type of gastric disease or you are just uncomfortable with this, you can forget about it and consider grapes just as apples: a healthy companion that will keep your health in balance and your organism protected from illness.

Keeping a rigid diet and having a balanced nutrition by adding healthy natural products to your daily habits are two different things. While no doctor out there will approve starvation and pushing the organism through draconic diets only to lose a few pounds, they will all agree that taking advantage of the seasonal fruits and keeping a reasonable lifestyle diet is far more efficient and healthy.

3 Autumn Fruits to Help You Have a Balanced Lifestyle

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