Acne Diet Secrets For You

May 30, 2012

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Acne Diet Secrets For You



Hyper glycemic diet

Hyper glycemic diet

Acne is a condition that can arise due to many factors.

Although the condition may be the result of genetic inheritance diet has been seen to either worsen or alleviate it. Acne may be triggered by hormonal changes due to puberty, there are compounds such as steroids which if taken can also trigger hormonal changes which in turn cause acne. We are now going to look at a few tips one can use to make adjustments to their diet so as to deal with acne.

When dealing with acne one first has to know which foods are bad and which are good when trying to control the condition. A hyper glycemic diet has been identified to have a negative effect on acne sufferers. Items like chocolate are known to be hyperglycemic, it is therefore important that you try and reduce of avoid taking it. Other foods that can trigger acne breakouts include milk and too much salt.

A good acne diet is one that has foods that are low in fats.

You can also include lots of fruits as fruits are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and E. antioxidants help in destroying toxic compounds that can trigger acne. Fish products are a much preferred source of proteins, a good example is sardine which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6.

In order for your acne diet to be effective you also need to include items such as herbs that will cleanse your body of toxic substances. Good herbs to take are green tea, marigold and ginger. These herbs are good for they help clear the bloodstream of toxic substances as well as reduce items like cholesterol which also play a part in triggering acne.

An acne diet alone will not bring out the best results in controlling acne.

The best way to control acne is to eat a controlled diet, practice good hygiene and exercise. Good hygiene is very important when it come to acne for it helps reduce the chances of spreading contaminants such as pass to other parts of the body which may not have been infected. Good hygiene also reduces clogging of pores by dead skin cells which helps reduce further breakouts of acne.

Although you may be on an acne diet as long as you are not active you may not succeed in controlling you acne. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining good and unimpeded blood flow. When the circulatory system is in mint condition the body is able to supply enough oxygen to all parts of the body thus maintaining good health of the body as a whole. Exercise also helps burn the excess fats that are obtained through diet. When total fat in the body is reduced acne breakouts can also be reduced.

Exercise will prompt you to take lots of water.

Water plays an important role in an acne diet as it flushes out all the bad stuff that can trigger future breakouts.


Acne Diet Secrets For You

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