Top 5 ways Obama Administration Modifies Health Care for Women

March 4, 2013

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Health Care for Women

Health Care for Women

No revolutionary change happens in a day. Through ages, it transforms the earlier judgments, social obligations and irrational beliefs that bring continual improvements in human life. In fact, introduction of Affordable Health Care Act by Obama Administration can be defined as a historical advancement in regard to women healthcare, identity and equality.

Chief changeovers of women healthcare as per AHC Act

The whole idea of the act focuses on protection to women’s health by altered insurance plans, preventive health cares and lessening of premium cost. The fact file is described as under. 

Free contraception coverage and birth control option

As determined by Obama administration that employers henceforth require offering of contraceptive coverage to women workforce within their insurance plan. Similarly, all religious and nonprofit institutes like churches or spiritual societies should ensure their employees to access no-cost treatment of contraceptives from generous resources. Birth control coverage in insurance policies is indeed a major break-through in women’s health care and expected to yield a healthy life of women across the country.

Women’s coverage can no more overlooked by insurance companies

Prior to the introduction of Affordable Care Act, it was the usual practice of most insurance companies to ignore and reject claims to women in connection with their pre-existing physical issues like cancer as well as pregnancy. Nevertheless, as the new law becomes effective, insurance providers are hereafter banned from denying any kind of pre-existing health conditions. It is categorically mentioned in the act that from 2014 onwards divergence whatsoever on this subject will be treated as illegal.

Women’s personal preference of doctor

No issues, women registered in new insurance plan are having independent option to select a doctor as their chief care provider while self-choice for any pediatrician for child’s care is made possible. Women no further bound to have a recommendation from the primary care provider to get treated by obstetrical as well as gynecological specialist. Furthermore, provision of obtaining emergency or acute care services beyond the prescribed network area is also incorporated in the amended law.

Preventive health care in free of cost

Women under the new health care plan are entitled to receive preventive health services towards screening of breast cancer through mammography twice a year. Issues like infant care and counseling on breastfeeding for just-mothers, FDA approved contraceptive systems, sterilization methods and counseling are included in preventive healthcare management. Health check up to prevent gestational diabetes, HIV, HPV DNA test and STI counseling can be treated free of cost as per the new law.

Lessening of Women’s insurance premium

Earlier, especially for individual insurance policies, women were charged more premiums just because of femininity. The premium chares used to vary in between 130-150% more than that of the men. The issue was highly criticized and according to the amended act, no insurer will be able to charge any extra premium from women and must be at par with men. Affordable care act has taken up a serious control to make sure that dollars received against health care is expended effectively for human wellbeing.


Birth control is the one of the primary requirement towards women’s health fortification as well superiority of the forthcoming generation. No doubt, implementation of Affordable Health Care Act is a major step towards human rights and independence in modern era.


Top 5 ways Obama Administration Modifies Health Care for Women

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