History and Advantages of Oral HCG Diet Drops

September 19, 2012

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Advantages of Oral HCG Diet Drops

Advantages of Oral HCG Diet Drops


History of Oral HCG

Doctor Simeons originally discovered HCG for weight loss.  At that time, HCG injection was the only available form. To get HCG into your possession, you must have a prescription from a physician. To make it accessible and affordable, HCG diet drops were conceptualized.

The Oral HCG guidelines have advanced over the recent years. But it was first adopted by Daniel Oscar Belluscio M.D. His professional progress has been committed mostly to investigating Oral HCG in losing weight. He exhausted a considerable number of years at the Bellevue Klinik- Switzerland. This institution has a good reputation in administering HCG to patients. Consequently, Dr. Belluscio became an educational lecturer and advocate of HCG drops internationally particularly the USA, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Israel.

In 1987, Dr. Belluscio decided to establish his very own Obesity Research Center on Oral HCG. Documents show that the institution has utilized the Oral HCG method on 6,540 obese clients’ to-date.

In 1991, he improved the approach for the introduction of oral HCG, which has proven to have very significant results in a set of random double-blind studies.

Together with the head of the Bellevue Klinik named Dr. Vogt, Dr. Belluscio produced various reports and articles on the protocol of oral HCG for Healthcare Professionals and general public to follow.

It was around 2008, when HCG drops were introduced in the market as an over the counter drug. It is legal because it consist only a very little quantity of HCG hormone. Furthermore, it works excellently in fat loss even in highly diluted form.  In this way, HCG drops are as strong and effective as injections themselves.

The HCG diet has become very appealing to the general public during 2010 as a lot of people loss one to two pounds of weight a day while taking the oral HCG.

What are HCG Diet Drops?

HCG Diet Drops is the minute doses of natural substances of HCG hormone. This is introduced in the stage two of the HCG diet protocol. HCG drops are liquid in form and are administered by mouth under the tongue.  It is advised to take 6 drops of HCG, 5 times a day as a minimum dose or 10 drops three times a day. In order to experience significant weight loss, one should follow a strict 500 calorie diet.

Advantages of HCG Diet Drops

  • Rapid and effective weight loss

Dieters claim reduction of weight until 21 pounds in just 21 days while keeping the low calorie diet combined with HCG Diet drops.

  • Accelerates metabolism

The HCG oral drops burn unwanted fat stores as an energy source.

  • This is one is the easiest ways to lose extra pounds because while you are on the HCG Diet drops, you don’t crave for food at all.

The hormone suppresses your desire for high calorie foods which helps you to acquire a more acceptable eating habit.

  • No need for vigorous physical activity but still eradicate stubborn fat reserves.
  • It is safe with no side effects compared with injection and other forms.
  • No hassle since it is pain free, no needles required.
  • It is accessible and available as an over the counter drug and don’t need a prescription.
  • You can order the product conveniently online.
  • Affordable
  • HCG Diet Drops are a pre-mixed drug which is easy to administer.
  • It is easy to store and easy to carry.
  • Boost self esteem and self confidence
  • Free leaflets and other learning materials

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History and Advantages of Oral HCG Diet Drops

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