5 Ways to Boost Your Fat Loss Process

December 7, 2011

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5 Ways to Boost Your Fat Loss Process


Boost Your Fat Loss Process

Boost Your Fat Loss Process


Weight loss and fat loss are two different things.  70% of the reason that people put on weight is due to fat. People can attain weight loss by not eating a proper diet. Weight loss is also attained by burning fat in the body. Burning calories or carbohydrates only causes the water levels to come down in the body. It leads to decreased metabolism. This is what causes a yo-yo diet where all the effects of weight loss are reversed again. Reducing fat is an effective way to lose weight.


5 ways to speed up fat loss in your body

Eat right and eat healthy

There are different kinds of foods that actually promote weight loss. Breakfast with high proteins, like eggs, vegetables and fish can boost your metabolism. It also slows down your appetite. The body needs more time to digest proteins. So metabolism increases while the digestion slows down. Some of the best protein based breakfast is eggs, chicken breast (baked), a protein shake, or organic yogurt. Eat more fish every week. Replace regular canola oil with extra virgin olive oil. Nuts like flax seed and fruits and vegetables help to boost the metabolism.

Boost the metabolism to burn fat

Metabolism is the body’s ability to burn fat. Even when you are resting the body burns fat. The food that we eat is converted into energy and is required to maintain the body temperature at a healthy level.  While diet plays a very important role in boosting body metabolism, even exercise does its bit. Exercises like cardio work outs, take the metabolism to its highest peak. Exercising at least 60 minutes a day is one of the best ways to burn fat.

Plan a time table and stick to it

Without an aim and a plan it is very difficult to stick to our decisions. Fat loss also has to be achieved in the same fashion. Keep a time table which starts with exercise or a good high protein breakfast. Exercise and high protein food gives you the much needed jump start for the day. The more you are active throughout the day the more fat you burn. Stick to the plan and do not deviate. Keep one day on a weekend to enjoy. Even on that day eat sensibly.

Keep the fat loss consistent by sticking to healthy foods.

Several foods have negative calories like soft drinks, alcohol and fried or processed foods. For example one apple has 44 calories, but your body needs to burn 60 calories to process the apple. It is a healthy choice of snack.

Say no to processed foods strictly.

Processed foods directly add to the body fat ratio. Every single bag of chips is only causing weight gain gradually. Always be aware of what you are eating. Store salads and fruit bowls in your refrigerator. These are easier snack options as compared to opening a bag of chips. Stock up your refrigerator with yoghurt instead of soft drinks.


5 Ways to Boost Your Fat Loss Process


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