You are bound to gain these 5 things once you are from a Yoga retreat

August 21, 2013

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Yoga was developed in India many thousand years ago. Today, yoga has become increasingly popular as a form of exercise, particularly in the United States. The popularity of yoga may have risen because of Hollywood trends and increased stress levels. The purpose of yoga is to create awareness, strength and harmony in the body and mind. Some of the classes are designed for relaxation while many other classes teach ways of moving the body. You are bound to gain the following after a yoga retreat:

1.      Flexibility

Many people perceive yoga as having to stretch the same way a gymnast does. This normally makes them to worry that they are too unfit, old or “tight” to engage in yoga. However, the truth of the matter is, no one is too old or “tight” to improve flexibility. Yoga poses (asanas) work through the process of safely stretching the muscles. This helps to release the lactic acid which gets to build up with the usage of muscles, which have the ability of causing tension, pain, fatigue and stiffness. Furthermore, yoga seeks to increase the range of the motion within the joints. The results are a sense of fluidity and ease throughout the body.

2.      Strength

Some of the yoga styles, including power yoga and ashtanga are vigorous. Practicing any of these styles can help improve the tone of the muscles. Other styles such as hatha or lyengar have the ability of focusing on more precise alignment and demand less movement. However, they have the ability of providing endurance benefits and strength. Some of the poses, including the plank pose, upward dog and downward dog have the ability of building upper-body strength. When practiced correctly, most of the poses have the ability of building core strength within the abdominal muscles.

3.      Achieve good posture

As a result of increased strength and flexibility, better posture can be achieved. Many of the sitting and standing poses help to develop core strength. This is made possible by the abdominals which are enhanced to maintain and support each pose. A strong core helps you to stand “tall”. In addition, yoga helps to increase body awareness. This awareness helps to alert you when you are quickly slumping or slouching in order to adjust the posture.

4.      Become less stress and more calm

After class, the practitioner feels more relaxed and less stressed. Some of the styles use some of the specific meditation techniques that help to generate a quiet feeling to a constant “mind chatter” which is characteristic of the underlying stress. Other styles of yoga encourage the techniques of deep breathing to help focus the mind to the breath- this helps to calm the mind.

5.      Improves breathing

Because of the deep and mindful breathing, the lung capacity of the practitioner often improves. This goes a long way in improving endurance and sports performance. An intense yoga class performed in a heated class helps the practitioner to breathe hard and thus provides an aerobic benefit. The majority of yoga styles emphasizes on lengthening and deepening breath. This helps to stimulate the response of relaxing.


In India, Gerald is a specialized Yoga expert. He has a blog, describing and showcasing some of the Yoga Retreats in Goa where he visits and trains. You can check out this link for more about the retreats and how useful they can be to you.

You are bound to gain these 5 things once you are from a Yoga retreat

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