Cheese Could be the Key for a Healthy Heart and Slim Body

August 29, 2011

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To prevent the development of heart disease, our efforts should be directed to the prevention of atherosclerosis, in other words to prevent hardening of the arteries and loss of their elasticity. This can be achieved by adhering to a proper diet.

Cheese Could be the Key for a Healthy Heart and Slim Body

Cheese Could be the Key for a Healthy Heart and Slim Body

It is getting more and more impossible with all rough diets and advices on healthy eating to think that we can lose weight by eating delicious products. It turns out that this is possible.

There is good news for people who love cheese - diets with cheese and milk products turned out to be one of the most effective. Dairy products and cheese are high in proteins. As a result people are easily and quickly satiated and their metabolism is accelerated.

The cheese should not be absent from your menu, regardless of the program you decide to follow to get rid of excess weight. Since it is essential for our health, it should be eaten every day in order to obtain the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Cheese is a natural source of protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Cheese is a major supplier of calcium.

Recently scientists discovered that people who have a higher intake of this substance in their daily menu are set forth less risk of heart attacks. Another advantage of the cheese is that unlike other dairy products, it contains almost negligible amounts of lactose. This makes it very suitable food for people who cannot tolerate lactose foods and still need to get enough calcium.

To satisfy their daily need for calcium, people need to take three different types of dairy products. One of them should be cheese. About 40 g (or approximately two tiles) cheese is enough for you can during the day. Keep in mind that cream cheese has saturated fat, so buy low-fat hard cheese.

Ripened cheese is easily digested and well absorbed by the body. It facilitates the process of digestion and prevents the development of putrefactive bacteria in the gut. It enhances secretion of gastric juice and thus improves appetite.

Cheese can be used as a cure for illnesses, for people suffering from acute infectious diseases, for debilitated patients, for diseases of liver and bile in anorexia, etc.

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