Chokcherry – Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects

August 27, 2012


Chokcherry – Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects

Chokcherry – Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects



Chokecherry, also known as bitter-berry and Virginia bird cherry is a different species of bird cherry. This bird cherry is native to North America and is also found throughout the continent. But it is a fact that many of us don’t prefer eating a plant with the word choke and that is a reason why chokecherry is ignored by many of us. But the Native American tribes consider this fruit as important. This fruit offers bunch of health benefits. Scientifically, chokeberry is termed as Prunus virginiana.


This is mainly a suckering shrub that stretches to a length of 5m. The leaves are oval shaped and are 10cm in length. Flowers are produced by the tree in late spring and the fruit produced by the tree is of 1cm in diameter. The color of the fruit varies from bright red to black and the taste is astringent.

Habitat and Distribution

This fruit is found all over USA, France, and Canada. This fruit is actually available in two varieties – eastern chokecherry and western chokecherry. The tree producing chokecherry is seen in seacoast headlands, open woodlands, swamps and cutovers. The fruit can withstand moderate shade but requires little bit of sunlight to grow faster.

Edible Use

The fruit is edible; it can be eaten either raw or cooked. The cherry fruit is basically used in jellies and pies. When the fruit becomes fully mature, you can have it raw. The fruit also has medicinal usage. The root and bark are blood tonic and are good appetite stimulant.

Chokecherry Health Benefits

Chokecherry is good for our health too. Get to know about some of those health benefits:

  • The fruit is known for having high antioxidant value. Presence of high antioxidant value protects our body cells from radical damage.
  • Flavonoids in the fruit improve the functioning of several organ and systems of the body.
  • The fruit consist of vitamin C that improves the immune system.
  • Manganese in the fruit improves nerve and bone health.

Chokecherry Side Effects

Over consumption of this fruit can result in some severe side effects.

  • One of the mildest side effects to talk about is headache.
  • Over consumption can result in constipation as well as ulcer
  • Consumption of seeds and leaves are not that good for health.


Chokcherry – Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects


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