When Dieting Can Be Bad For Your Health

December 27, 2011

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When Dieting Can Be Bad For Your Health


When Dieting Can Be Bad For Your Health

When Dieting Can Be Bad For Your Health


Online diet plans are a good thing for people who are interested in losing weight. A lot of us do not have the time nor the money to go to the gym on a regular basis so exercise can be quite difficult to accomplish successfully. We might be able to run once or twice a week and lose a few pounds here and there but in the end what really matters is whether or not we are taking in more calories than we are burning. If we do not burn enough calories fast enough then we will usually gain weight since we will take in more than we burn. It is simple math because our body stores most of our excess calories as fat, so if we take away more energy then we add then our body will dig into our fat reserves and burn away the fat.

In addition to exercising, the other way that you can lose weight is by dieting. By taking in less food, and by taking in healthier food, you can take in fewer calories and therefore lose weight without even exercising. This is because your body will be requiring the burning of stored fat calories in order to get the energy it needs for the day.

Not getting enough nutrients

One of the risks of going on a diet is that your body will not get enough nutrients, so you could be low on vitamins, minerals, and other things your body needs to function smoothly and efficiently. This can be rectified quite easily by simply taking a multivitamin supplement, especially because these days most multivitamins have calcium, iron, and other elements and minerals in them even though they are not vitamins. You still need to take extra fish oil supplements, however, the other things like the ones I just mentioned should be in the vitamin supplement that you take. Trying to get enough nutrients while on a diet could be tough because you need to eat so many different kinds of food and carefully manage the amount you intake simultaneously that it might be easier to simply take a multivitamin.

Eating too little food

Some people try to lose weight by starting themselves. This can cause many problems above and beyond a simple lack of nutrients. For example, let’s say that you burn off all of your fat, or a lot of it. Your body will then start to eat away at your muscles so that it can get the fat that it needs. As a result, you might become as skinny as a twig and be very unhealthy if you just starve yourself. Psychological desires to not eat are called things like anorexia where people have low appetite for a variety of reasons, not just because they are self conscious and want to look skinny and end up looking bony.

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When Dieting Can Be Bad For Your Health

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