Eliminate Localized Fat, Can You Do This?

October 2, 2011

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Eliminate localized fat, Can you Do this?


Eliminate localized fat

Eliminate localized fat


Localized Fat is a phenomenon that affects most men and women who do not practice any sports.

It consists in the accumulation of fat in one part of the body (very unsightly). In men, fat is formed mainly located on the belly, whereas in women, as well as the belly, is also formed in the abdomen and flanks. Some readers have asked us if we could eliminate localized fat without losing weight globally in all parts of the body. Now, I will try to answer you and let you know if it is feasible or not.

The localized fat, unfortunately, is the last part of the body fat to leave. If you totally lose weight, the changes will be visible on all parts of the body, but much less in places where you have localized fat. Unfortunately, no exercise and no diet will allow you to lose only the fat located.

To overcome this problem, the only way is to lower the percentage of their fat mass, reaching a low level of 8-10%.

Another way to avoid accumulating localized fat is to avoid eating foods that contain too much saturated fat. In the coming days to better address this issue.


Eliminate localized fat, Can you Do this?

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