How to Encourage Balance in Your Life and Dietary Habits?

April 11, 2013

Healthy Diet

Life and Dietary Habits

Life and Dietary Habits

Having a balanced diet implies having a balanced life regarding your health. It is the first step of assuring you physical well-being and less visits to the emergency ward. This, complemented with regular physical activity, will act as a defence against common ailments.

What is considered For a Balanced Diet?

In order to function properly, your body needs different kinds of nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. The amount required will depend largely on your age, daily activity and background history of ailments and diseases.

It is always advisable to consult your practitioner on how balanced your diet is, and how to make it more balanced before taking any other decisions. There are many supplements that promote a healthier life, vitamins, for instance, which sometimes are not necessary at all. In an attempt to lead a healthier life, we run the risk of deciding on some supplements which are not necessary for our particular situation, and then our body might learn not to get the nutrients from the food we eat. As a consequence, we will create the future need of those supplements because we will suffer from a lack of them.

A balanced diet includes foods from all the food groups (unless you are prescribed not to by a specialist for any health reason). This means cereals, milk and other dairy products, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, fruits, vegetables and pulses. How much to eat and when varies even during your lifespan. Keep in mind that a balance diet implies you receive the nutrients needed for your body to function in your regular intakes.

What to Eat?

It is advisable to include the right proportions of the groups mentioned above. This means that 50% of our diet should be comprised of vegetables, if possible of different kinds. Also there should be a 25% intake of protein, no matter its origin. This is especially useful for vegans or vegetarians, who sometimes face the issue of not complying with the body needs. There are different foods that can be a source of protein, besides the supplement the market offers. Last but not least, there is a 25% of our intake that should be spared for grains. If we keep these proportions in mind and try to respect them, our diet will definitively be a healthier one and most probably will help us keep our weight under control and prevent illnesses.

A Sensible Approach

Apart from what is mentioned above, a balanced diet goes hand in hand with a sensitive approach to food. Too much of anything is bad, and keeping a proportion between your body type and the amount of what you eat is essential. Also a balanced diet is enhanced by the consumption of plenty of water which will help eliminate the excess and balance our metabolism. Maintaining regular eating times also help not only the digestive system to perform its work but it is also a powerful tool to keep your diet healthy. It reduces between meals snacks and allows for intakes to be the right proportion and fulfil the needs of each person.

Gone are those days when balanced diet only indicated a right proportion of all nutrients present in it. Today’s trend is all about doing things smartly and certainly dietary practices also follow the same line. You got to include more of fibres, vitamins and minerals in your balanced diet and exclude fats to negligible amounts. It is then you can actually help yourself and your habits to stay healthy and fit all the time.

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How to Encourage Balance in Your Life and Dietary Habits?

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