How To Keep Fit While Aging

September 25, 2012

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How To Keep Fit While Aging

How To Keep Fit While Aging

Throughout a lifetime, a human being gets in contact with many bacteria and viruses and eventually develops antibodies against them. Antibodies are protein structures which are able to neutralize antigens such as germs and thereby make these unwelcome invaders ineffective. The human immune system is able to remember these specific bacteria and, in case of a second infection, can fight the germ so fast that the body does not fall ill.

However, the immune system is getting weaker and weaker with age and the body also loses its healthy shape and condition a little bit. All that is natural, and to keep fit at a later age, one needs to prepare oneself and live a consistent life. Here is what people can do:

Tips to stay fit and healthy

    • Many old people gain weight when they get older, which may affect the cardiovascular condition as well as the bones and joints. In order to prevent becoming obese one has to stick to a disciplined diet including a reduced amount of sugar and fat.
    • With age, the capacity of people to move may be affected, too. Regular sportive activities can help to keep the muscles flexible and thus to reduce the chance of immobility and injuries.
    • Both a healthy nutrition and sports do actually have further positive effects: The reduction of overweight also prevents old people from becoming diabetic. Diabetes type two which often occurs later in life is caused by a growing resistance of the body against insulin – a necessary hormone reducing the blood sugar. In order to test whether one suffers from that disease, one can conduct a test at one’s GP who can get the blood checked with the help of antibodies made by Aviva Systems for example. An early diagnosis can improve the treatment and thus the living quality to a very large extent.

    How To Keep Fit While Aging

    This web page is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment! Nothing on this web page should be construed as medical advice. Please check with your own physician about any information that concerns you.

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