3 Great Ways You Can Lose Weight

December 9, 2011


3 Great Ways You Can Lose Weight


3 Great Ways You Can Lose Weight

3 Great Ways You Can Lose Weight


America is a country with a lot of overweight people. I am from England where relative to Europe there are plenty of overweight folk but when I came here, I was shocked. It is not that Americans are lazy or bad people, but you simply do not live healthy lifestyles nor do you eat very good food for not being obese. And it is not just because America is a wealthy nation; here, the poorer people are more obese and less healthy than the rich folk, with the exception of newly arrived immigrants. I think that many people are suffering due to the obesity epidemic in America and it is preventing them from getting cheap health insurance, and that is why I am sharing some ways that you can lose weight.

Weight Loss Method #1: Diet

Many people gain weight not because they eat too much food, but because they eat too much unhealthy food. Foods with sugars, like ice cream, jugs of artificial juice (and even natural juice), and anything with high-fructose corn syrup in its ingredients list is not good for trying to lose weight. In fact, eating these foods could very well be why you gained weight in the first place.

It is possible that you are eating healthy and eating too much food. This happens when your food intake is greater than the amount food you need. You should never go on a “starvation diet” but by cutting out overly large portions, sugar, and other junk food, you could be on your way to being trim and losing weight.

Weight Loss Method #2: Exercise

If your intake exceeds what your body needs, you can try exercising by doing something where you breathe hard, like running or swimming. This will cause your body to burn energy. When it burns more energy than you’ve eaten, your body will begin to start eating away at your fat, which is there in the first place to be used as an energy reserve. Therefore, one of the best methods to lose weight is to exercise and combine that with a good diet free of sugars.

Weight Loss Method #3: Ab Belts

Perhaps you saw ab belts on TV and thought “this is a scam!” Well, you certainly will not lose as much weight with ab belts as you will by exercising and dieting, but they can help. They work because they are something that can help you burn calories while you are sitting down, for example, when you are watching TV or playing computer or Xbox games. What this means is that you do not have to lift a finger to lose weight. Furthermore, you can wear an ab belt while you are driving a car, picking up kids from curling practice, or cooking dinner, so if you are short on time it could be a good option for you too.

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3 Great Ways You Can Lose Weight


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