How To Get Your Kids To Exercise More

November 14, 2012

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Get Your Kids To Exercise More

Get Your Kids To Exercise More

Believe me one of the biggest worries that parents the globe over have, is the fact that their kids are getting unhealthier and unhealthier as time progresses. They want to get their kids to do more exercise but really don’t know how they should encourage them to do it.

So I hope that by writing this article a lot of the parents out there will be able to overcome their worries, and help their children to do more exercise while at the same time enjoy it. I will also give you my personal tips that will help your kids want to get up and get outside and become more active and healthier people, while having a lot of fun in the process.

However I believe it is essential that each and every one of us actually appreciates the modern dilemma that kids of today are currently facing.

If you compare the kids of today with the kids of the previous generation then you will notice that there is a steady decline in terms of how active and fit kids in general are. So much so that there are many research studies which show that the kids of today are in the worst health they have ever been in, compared to the children of the previous generations.

Getting your kid to be healthy and active

Seriously there is one research study that stands out and it was carried out in 2011. It basically showed that from all the kids in America that went to school in the 60’s, almost 60% would either walk or take a bike. That figure over the last few decades has slowly but surely declined to the point where only 7% of kids today actually take a bike or walk.

Can you believe this statistic… and then people wonder why kids are so unhealthy and lazy today. You can literally see that the vast majority of children today would rather be watching TV than be getting outside to enjoy themselves, while being active.

The biggest concern is that the children that are lazy and overweight right now, will end up growing up to have the same sort of qualities. Not great if you want children that are active and full of life.

However if you as a parent just take some initiative, and just take the time to encourage your kids to get outside and play… it will literally change the course of your child’s destiny, simply because they already want to be active so all you need to do is ignite that desire.

Believe me getting your kid to be healthy and active is as simple as that.

Will the Process Of Lifting Weights Cause My Child’s Growth To Become Stunted?

Yes, I know how popular the belief of a child getting stunted if they lift weights is. But the question is, does lifting weights really result in a child stunting their own growth or is this just a fairy tale?

The thing that we need to appreciate is the simple fact that you really need to avoid all the assumptions for a second and see that there is absolutely no evidence that proves this statement to be correct.

Grow stronger bones

In fact there are many research studies which show that, if a child lifts weights on a consistent basis then they will likely grow up to grow stronger bones, be in much better shape and actually be in great overall health.

So at the end of the day it isn’t smart for a person to answer this question with a simple yes or no.

Of course anyone who does any sort of strenuous activity will be setting themselves up for the possibility of getting injured and the same is true for lifting weights. Any child that was left unsupervised and then tried to lift weights that were way above their level, will obviously cause themselves to get seriously injured.

However we need to appreciate the fact that the possibility of injury can be completely avoided if we actually put the child in a controlled environment where they are lifting weights under supervision. This over the long term will actually result in the child becoming healthier.

Will a Fitness Program Be Of Any Benefit To a Child?

Yes, there is a possibility that a child can actually benefit from being put in some sort of structured fitness program, but again it depends on the child we are talking about.

What I mean by this, is that if you have a child that is always active and loves to run about and really wants to move about all the time then putting him or her into a structured fitness program will just be a waste of time and effort.

Those that have children that are lazy and would rather be sitting down at home instead of playing outside, are the sorts of kids who will really benefit from a fitness program.

Personal Tips To Get Your Kids Active

Believe me these are the sorts of things that will help you raise children that love to be active. So I’d recommend that you implement the following tips as fast as you possibly can:

Tip 1: Make Play The Focus

If you really want to ingrain that desire to be fit and healthy into your kid for the rest of their lives, then you have to make sure that you are working to incorporate play into their exercise. The reason being is that most if not every kid out there loves to play all the time.

Once you ingrain that idea into their mind that having fun and being healthy and fit are the same thing then you will find that you’re kids are going to want to get out there as much as possible and workout as often as they can.

When your kid is used to having fun while exercising they will grow up to actually want to be a part of the many fitness programs out there to continue to stay healthy and fit.

Tip 2: Push Them To Climb Things

Believe me my friend, you need to work to actually allow your kids to climb everything that they can possibly climb. Trust me not only will your kids have a great time climbing things such as a rope, but they will become more active and adventurous people as a result.

I am telling you right now that one of the most powerful ways to actually encourage your kid to become healthier and more active is to just be the example of a really healthy and active person.

As soon as your kids are able to get around and move about you need to push them to be active. The more you allow them to be active by playing as much as they possibly can, the more they are going to want to continue on that trend well into adulthood.

Believe me, planting that desire of being fit and healthy is the best thing you are ever going to do for your kids.


Thomas Mullet wants to help the world and everyone in it to get into the best health of their lives, hence why he loves writing about topics such as the renal diet and the kidney diet which help those people that are suffering from renal disease.

How To Get Your Kids To Exercise More

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