How to Lose 20lb Within a Month

October 5, 2011

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Losing weight is a gradual and a consistent process.


How to lose 20 lb within a month

How to lose 20 lb within a month


It is possible to lose weight through consistent hard work.  However how much weight can a person lose in one month? Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in a month? There are three ways for aggressive weight loss and they are diets, exercise and diet supplement pills.

The only way to fast weight loss is by cutting down the calories and carbohydrates from your body. However if you do not take care to work out, then your body metabolism will go for a toss. The only way to lose weight and maintain it at that level is to stick to diets and exercising. They both go hand in hand.

Losing 20 lbs can be attained through a very strict regimen. The food choices and lifestyle has to be constricted for a period of 1 month. Because the weight loss is happening at such a fast pace, it is difficult to feel the changes. However you also need to monitor the weight loss process and keep a check on how much weight you are losing per day.


Here are some helpful tips for you to lose weight within a month.


Avoid Carbohydrates that are white in color completely

Carbohydrates are strictly to be avoided from your diet plan. This includes potato, cereals, flour, rice and pasta. When the body is starved of carbohydrates it starts depending on the energy reserves within the body. You will also achieve some fat loss because of the exercising.


Stick to your meal plans

Eat the same kind of food every day. Do not deviate from the plan for the whole month. Have a few varieties like egg whites, or chicken breast under the protein section. When it comes to legumes, stick to beans and lentils.  Even while selecting vegetables and fruits have fixed choices. That way you will not go out of the diet plan and also the body receives lesser amount of calories on a consistent basis.


Eat every 3 hours

Eat frequently but eat lesser. Athletes, who have to lose weight within a month, eat as much as eight times a day. But they eat very less.  If you want to lose weight quickly, then eat every three hours. Stick to the food choices only.


Drink lots of water

You should drink only water and not any other drink even if it has 0 calories. The rule is top drink half the amount of water of the total body weight when measured in ounces. For example if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water every day. This is a standard rule while exercising also.


Avoid Sugar completely

You should avoid sugar completely for 30 days. The only way to do it is to shift to health drinks or have nothing at all. Substitute your coffee craving with water. Also alcohol like beer, tonics, and everything else has to be excluded from the diet.


How to Lose 20lb Within a Month


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