Eating Fish – Lose Weight

October 10, 2011


Eating Fish – Lose Weight


Eating Fish - Lose Weight


The fish is one of the best food products to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced. Have you ever wondered why the entire body builder eats only fish on the planet before participating in any international competition? Because the fish do not get fat, is great for any diet and contains very good nutritional value, superior to almost all foods that exist. Obviously there are various species of fish, and c i are also many fish that contain fat. But we only eat fish with 3% fat, you got it right! Many specimens of fish contain water, proteins, and a very small percentage of fat.


Proteins are good because they help the muscles to grow; the water (we all know) has always been considered the elixir of life, so why not start eating so much fish? Now I will list some fish which are made up as follows: water 60/80%, 10/20% protein and only 3% fats: anchovies, cod, sea bass, turbot, sole, etc… There are other low-fat fish (more good) but there are also 8% fat, so you can eat only 1 or 2 times a week if you want to lose weight and have a good line: carp, trout, sardines, and so on. As you can see, almost all types of fish are recommended for the line.


The ideal would be to eat fish for dinner, always! In this way you will eat only protein and water and avoid any type of carbohydrate at dinner time when the metabolism works more slowly. If not all the fish, try the tuna in brine, which is located in supermarkets, it is really very good. The fish also has low cholesterol, so it is suitable for dietary cholesterol and any other diet. Combine also our tips for weight loss and a little ‘race to fish and you will see improvements very sharp compared to your body than before.

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