Differences Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat

October 2, 2011

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Differences Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat


Differences Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat

Differences Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat


Many people think that losing weight and losing fat is the same thing.


Unfortunately it is not so! This article will explain the differences between the two statements.


Obviously, knowing the meaning of those two things help you, especially to bring a real goal. First of all I’ll lose that fat is much, more difficult than losing weight. This is a difficult goal to achieve in a short time, while the first hand you can reach in a few weeks. After the brief introduction, we start with the explanation (not technical, but learned on the field):


a. Losing weight means losing weight globally, or weight loss in all parts of the body. The term “Weight Loss” means the total weight loss that includes both the loss of lean body mass (muscle) that the loss of fat mass (fat). It is so easy to lose weight and lose weight too quickly. And if you have extra fluid, everything becomes easier and more accessible in times lightening fast!


b. Losing fat rather it means losing weight the right way and define your body. If you can lose 5 pounds of fat, you will notice a remarkable change in your physique. If you lose the weight, the change will be less noticeable. Of course, to lose 5 pounds of fat you have to wait a long time (at least 2 months in my case). Finally, we point out that, you can not only lose fat but there are several ways that limit the loss of muscle during sports and aerobics.



Differences Between Losing Weight and Losing Fat


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