All Natural Spices, Seasoning, Sugar Blends and Seasoned Salts Spice

January 21, 2012



All Natural Spices, Seasoning, Sugar Blends and Seasoned Salts Spice

All Natural Spices, Seasoning, Sugar Blends and Seasoned Salts Spice

Before I begin I would like to thank Jacky, who has given me this opportunity to reach all of you today, thank you for this amazing gift! The Mystic Blue Spice Company is a small family owned and operated business out of Arizona. We offer a large selection of All Natural Spices, Seasonings, Dry Rubs, Curry’s and so much more. I put a lot of hard work and thought into this business from the spice blends themselves to the nostalgia of the black and white labels to Cobalt Blue Jars they are packaged in. My name is Trisha Neil and I am The Mystic Blue Spice Company. This is my story…

I am not a food blogger by nature, my spelling is horrible and don’t even get me started on my grammar issues.  English was never my thing in school, what I am good at is mixing spices, creating unique flavor blends and singing the meanest rendition of Baby Got Back you‘ve ever heard(another time for that maybe). I also have a serious love affair with food, making food, thinking about making food, eating food, thinking about eating food…. I’m thinking about what to make for dinner, while I’m eating breakfast…admit it, you do it to. Then came the affair with homemade goods….Pasta, Cheese, Breads, Sauces, Jams, Jellies, Condiments…..I was out of control! So, how did The Mystic Blue Spice Company come to be?

The Mystic Blue Spice Company was started from a need of knowing what I was putting on my family’s food. It seemed ridiculous to me to go to all the work of making sure the food my family ate was homemade if all I was going to do was dump a bunch of preservatives and artificial flavors on it…..Makes sense right?!?! So, off I went searching the isles of Corporate America’s Grocery stores looking for truly natural seasonings. Not only was I disappointed with the flavor selections, but the amount of sodium blew my mind! I know salt is natural, but come on. Did it have to be the first ingredient? I also noticed that most of my very own favorite companies did not offer All Natural options to their seasonings blends period. Fed up with looking, I started making my own blends. Don’t get wrong, there were many epic fails in this grand mission I was determined to concur. But, with a lot of trial and error and loving nudges from my wonderful husband, I found my niche and as time went on friends and family would comment on how great my culinary creations were. I wondered if they were just being nice…

My business venture took a crazy turn when a few friends started asking me to make seasonings blends for them and they would pay in trade for other homemade goods.  Then…..these friends sent MY spice blends to their family’s OUT OF STATE!!! I thought I would die, what if they hated them, what if they sent me a nasty emails to tell me so, what if…….! To much relief my prayers had been answered, the “what if’s” never happened.  They loved my spice blends, they loved me! Everyone was cheering me on and now I am here, writing this blog for all of you to read. Still a little terrified of the “what if’s” but, here I am prompting all of you to go to my site and check out my selection!

This is where I toot my own horn, so to speak. Every spice blend is made by me, personally, in small batches to make sure it’s freshness and quality meets my standards. I don’t use MSG, Preservatives, Fillers, Anti-caking agents, Artificial Colors or Flavors. I do use a small amount of Sel Mar Mediterranean Sea Salt in some blends as a natural humidity regulator. That being said, many of by blends are salt free completely and for the ones where you see salt as in ingredient…..I only use solar evaporated Sel Mar or Sonoma Sea Salt from the Pacific Coast. Sonoma Sea Salt is a bold, full flavored salt that I will use in my upcoming collection of Mystic Seasoned Salts. Caring on…I also use a lot of ground herbs and spices in my blends as oppose to using them whole simply because you get more flavor impact that way!  These are powerful seasonings, in most cases 1Tbs will seasoning most meats and veggies depending on your personal taste. Each one of my jars holds ? cup of product, meaning that one jar will season up to 8 different meals! So, for only $4.50 (that’s $0.56 cents a meal) you’ve made a flavorful dinner creation that even the kiddo’s will love! And….you can feel good about it, because There’s Nothing But Flavor In Here!


One of all time personal favorite blends has to be my Garlic Herb Seasoning.  The ingredients list is a little complex with a lot of different herbs, but they marry together beautifully to give any dish that big garlic punch! Here are few simple and natural ways to use this flavorful blend:

1Tsp Garlic Herb + 8oz Fat Free Cream Cheese = Amazing dip for veggies

1Tsp Garlic Herb + 8oz  Fat Free Sour Cream = Easy wake up your ordinary Taco’s

1Tsp Garlic Herb + ? C Fat Free Mayo + 1Tbs Cocktail Sauce = Crazy Good dip for Grilled Fish Taco’s, Shrimp Cocktail’s and veggies

1Tsp Garlic Herb + Any frozen or homemade pizza = A fancy twist on the ordinary

2Tbs Garlic Herb + Fresh Homemade Ricotta Cheese (or other soft cheese) = A killer filling for manicotti, shells, ravioli

1Tbs Garlic Herb + 1lb Chicken Breast + ? Hour marinating time + An out door grill or broiler = Mouth watering Chicken

1Tbs Garlic Herb + Homemade Marinara =  Your signature secret Sauce!

2Tbs Garlic Herb + Homemade Pasta Dough = A basic, flavorful pasta that can stand alone on the plate.

Add a little fresh Parmesan Cheese, Basil and diced roma’s and it’s on like Donkey Kong!


I really hope that you join the fun on my face book page and be sure to check back soon, I’ll be talking about a few of my Favorite Dry Rubs!!!


This is a guest post by Trisha Neil. The Mystic Blue Spice Company - 100% Natural Gourmet Low and No Salt Seasonings.


All Natural Spices, Seasoning, Sugar Blends and Seasoned Salts Spice

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