How to Stay Active at Work

March 1, 2013

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Active at Work

Active at Work

A new study found that now that more people are working from desks they have consequently become less active, leading to various health issues such as obesity. The study found that 80% of jobs are now categorized as sedentary, compared to in 1960 when it was at 50%. A lack of physical activity combined with work-related stress, can put your health at risk.

It’s therefore important to add activity to your working day, which isn’t hard to do.

Standing Desk

By standing whilst you work, you can burn on average 200 – 400 calories depending on how much you weigh, even if you just stand for part of the day, you’re still burning calories.

Make Room

Don’t just group everything in your office into one area. This means most things are within arm’s reach, meaning you don’t have to move from your desk. Change the layout of your office and spread things out; this will encourage movement and allow you to walk around more. It will also give you some time to stretch and give your eyes a rest from looking at the screen.

Efficient Breaks

Make the most of your breaks. Take a walk around the building or up and down the stairs a few times or walk to the local shop for lunch. Even use your coffee breaks to undertake some physical activity.

Take stretch breaks every hour or so. Stand up, stretch your hands over your head and then bend down and touch your toes and repeat this. Turn your head in a clockwise rotation and side to side. This all helps to energise yourself and soften muscle tension.

Walk More

Emailing or calling your co-workers may be seen as the easiest way to communicate but instead, stand up and go talk to them, not only is it extra activity but can often be more productive than emailing and avoids miscommunications and saves on the phone bills!

There are loads of other ways in which you can walk more throughout your working day, such as sending your printing jobs to the furthest printer or using the furthest bathroom and whenever you can use the stairs!

Before Work

If you live close enough to work, then why not walk or ride your bike in. If instead you take public transport, then get off a few stops earlier and walk the rest. If you drive in then park your car in the furthest position you can.

Get a Different Chair

Exercise balls are often used as office chairs these days; they help promote good posture as well as burning 6% more calories every hour than sitting on a regular chair.

Use a Pedometer

This helps you measure how active you’ve been throughout the day. Set yourself targets, to help motivate you. It can also add a competitive element if one of your co-workers join in.

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This post was written by Gail Newland, a miscellaneous freelance writer.

How to Stay Active at Work

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