Stay in Great Shape Without Following a Strict Dieting Regime

October 4, 2012


Stay in Great Shape

Stay in Great Shape

Everyone wants to stay in great shape, but nobody really has the time and patience to hit the gym after a long tiring day. Although not too much can be done without putting in a good deal of effort, it’s possible to make a big difference to your personal health without strict dieting plans and lot of work-outs. Follow these 6 simple yet magical tips to feel the difference

Try the Oolong Tea

Herbal tea has always been admired by the health specialists, but those who’re patients of mild eczema or any of the skin allergies should try the Oolong Tea. It contains a special compound called polyphenols that help in treating the itching sensation.

It’s advisable to sip Oolong tea thrice a day to get the best results.

Love Lavender

There’s simply no better way to unwind and distress after a long tiring day with a bit of lavender essential oil in your hot bath. It’s an exceptionally healthy way of improving the glow of your skin without any artificial products.

Try Bilberry

The world knows about the benefits of blueberry, but not many folks know about its special derivative called Bilberry, which has been reported to mend the night vision significantly.

Studies are mixed, but some have found that bilberry, a relative of the blueberry, may improve night vision. During World War II, fighter pilots reported better night vision after eating bilberry jam. Take 25 to 50 milligrams of bilberry extract; expect best results within the first few hours.

Rub Your Temples

Tired of applying balms and heavy ointments? Well, simply forget the tension headaches by rubbing white flower or peppermint oil into your temples as they possess analgesic properties.

Sniff Rosemary

Did you know that you can improve your memory and alertness by simply catching a whiff of rosemary? All you need to do is to inhalea bit of rosemary essential oil scent or sniff some fresh rosemary just before a test or an interview.

Pop a Probiotic

Yeast infections are quite common these days, so it’s always a wise idea to take remedial actions to keep these dreadful yeast infections at bay. Women should make a conscious effort to balance the bacteria in their genital tract by supplementing good bacteria such as bifid bacterium.

Food items like kefir, kimchi salad, and fermented sauerkraut are known to contain good bacteria and can be really helpful in restoring the balance without intake of any health supplements.

Following a Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, these 6 tips will only assist you in improving your health, but following a healthy lifestyle is equally important. Most of the IT professionals and entrepreneurs are seriously deprived of sleep, and due to lack of 8 hours of rest, they tend to weaken their immunity level, and become susceptible to a number of health diseases and plethora of disorders.

Hence, it’s imperative to follow a healthy lifestyle, which must include at least a short morning-walk, a nutritious breakfast, lunch at the right time, light evening snacks, and a sweet dinner before hitting the bed.

It’s of course an added advantage to be able to hit the gym daily, and eat only low-fat food items, but even if you can’t manage to do so on a daily basis, you can manage to stay in great shape by following the above 6 simple tips. Try to hit the gym at least on the weekends, and stay away from oily food and unwanted health supplements or dietary pills as much as you can.

William is a fitness freak who loves to educate people of various ways of staying in great shape. She strictly advises everyone to stay away from unhealthy dietary supplements and often blogs about side effects of raspberry keytone and similar products.

Stay in Great Shape Without Following a Strict Dieting Regime

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