Tips for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss

November 25, 2011

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Tips for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss


Tips for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss

Tips for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss


Weight loss can only be achieved through consistent efforts.


Several people who are aiming at weight loss find it very difficult to stick to a plan. Here are some tips that help you remain consistent and will also help you achieve the aimed weight loss.


Have a heavy breakfast which is high in protein.


A high protein breakfast will help to jump start the metabolism.  Healthy weight loss can only be gained when the body’s metabolism is high. The body has to work towards consuming the calories and converting it into energy. Egg whites, chicken breast, and fish make ideal breakfast choices.

Always make a better choice when you are on a diet. Instead of sticking to snacks like coke, chips or fried stuff, choose salad, yoghurt, or fruits.


Start your meal with a glass of water so that you can avoid over eating.


Never skip meals because you are killing the metabolism. Eating regular meals increases the body’s metabolism and you cut down more weight.  Skipping meals will trap your body in becoming slow. The body will start conserving calories when you do not eat.


Add vegetables to your diet like adding minced chicken to capsicum or stuffing with it. Eating chicken and vegetables is a very healthy choice and also helps you to lose weight.


Wraps with salad fillings made with pita bread help to fill up your stomach and also keep you full for hours.

Exercising is the only way through which you can increase the metabolism faster. Exercising works fast on the body. The best exercise to increase the metabolism is cardio exercises. Running and jogging for 30 minutes a day will help you achieve weight loss faster.

If you find it difficult sticking to your routine, take a break for one day and make a determination that you will work harder the next day.

The problem with weight loss regimes is sticking to it. As soon as a person loses a couple of pounds, they lose the enthusiasm that they started with. Also over confidence becomes a problem at such a time. Actually the loss of weight should be used as an encouraging factor. You have to tell yourself that you can work harder and lose some more pounds. Always stick to likeminded people. If there are others who are similar to you and trying to lose weight, then stick with them and encourage each other. A support group always helps in these matters.

If you get obsessed with the diet plan then it will seem as though you are working too hard. Keep a day for letting you go. On a weekend, eat one meal of your choice and skip exercise on that day. You can also consider changing the exercise like going for a swim or a trek instead. Also indulge in some ice cream or whatever that you like. That way you do not feel as though you are working too hard for weight loss.


Tips for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss


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