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December 10, 2013


preparing Halal meatHere in the UK, we have a prosperous and bustling Muslim community spread out amongst all of our major cities. They bring with them their own culture and their own religion, which they piously obey. Their religious beliefs and practices are quite complex but are also extremely natural for them. Apart from their various religious rituals, one of the central core concepts of the Muslim faith is the concept of Halal meat, meat which is prepared in a certain way, according to the ancient Muslim law known as Sharia. Many people do not fully understand exactly what is entailed. There are, in fact, many misconceptions that deserve to be explained and cleared up.

Meeting Strict Guidelines

The process of preparing Halal meat is actually quite complex and is explained in detail in the Sharia law. For one thing, pork is absolutely not allowed. As a result, you will never find a Halal pork product being offered. This also means that any meat which is to be considered Halal cannot have come into contact with any pork during its processing. The presence of any excess blood in the meat is also considered unhealthy, if not unholy. As a result, any animal that is going to be processed is completely drained of its blood before butchering. The absence of any blood also allows the Halal meat to remain fresher for a longer period of time.

Using Humane Methods

Unlike many processes used in the Western world, Halal meat is prepared differently. While most large agribusiness corporations use a painful electric shock to kill an animal, Halal butchers kill the animal quickly and immediately process the meat, not wasting any time. Sharia law also does not allow the use any animal which has been strangled, or even attacked or gored by other animals. The only approved method to kill an animal under Sharia law is to quickly and efficiently slit its throat. While this might seem barbaric, it certainly sounds more humane than jolting it with an electric shock. This method quickly drops the animal’s blood pressure, rendering it brain-dead within seconds. To be considered for Halal meat, no animal can have come into contact with birds of prey or other carnivores. They are considered impure and, therefore, unacceptable.

The Meaning of Dhabiha

This Muslim word refers to the slaughter process described above. But the ritual itself is more complex than just slitting the animal’s throat. The animal is given water to drink, and once that has been accomplished, the animal is made to face Mecca. Once the name of Allah has been invoked, then, and only then, can the animal be killed. Given the complex ritual involved, it actually seems like a very humane and elegant way to dispatch an animal for human consumption.

Becoming a Halal Food Fanatic

Recently, a new term has been coined to refer to people who not only enjoy Halal meats, but also fine cuisine. The merging of the two has produced the word Haloodies, which aptly describes the two concepts. Anyone interested in quality Halal meats can easily get them online, with a wide selection at great prices ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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