Watermelon Diet

September 5, 2011

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Watermelon is a dietary product, which is believed to have miraculous properties.


And most importantly, what draw the attention to the watermelon diet are the minimum contraindications. It can confidently be recommended to people of all ages and for various diseases.

Watermelon Diet

Watermelon Diet

It is known that watermelon is almost entirely devoid of vitamins. But its strength lies mainly in the fact that it contains easily absorbed sugar – glucose and fructose. Furthermore, it provides us with the necessary folic acid, fiber, pectin. And thanks to its unique ability to display the body alkaline urine, watermelon is considered as one of the best “cleaners” of the kidney.

When after examination of the kidneys and advice from your doctor you have decided to try the watermelon diet, then it is good to know that you have to eat watermelons all the time – day and night. This is because at night there is a hard concentration of urine, and this is the main contributing factor to stone formation in kidneys.

The diet is advisable to be kept exactly five days – this is the term that will help you get rid of the slag, the excess water in the body and the unwanted salts.

The watermelon diet is not complicated.

You have to eat for a day watermelon in 1:10 ratio – 1 kg of pulp to 10 kg of weight. Also you must be very careful about your self-confidence: sometimes body reacts negatively to such a mono diet.

You should know that you will get an effect only if you eat of the pulp of the watermelon in large enough quantities – 1 -2 kg two or three times a day. This should be done before a meal. And to prevent irritation of the stomach and intestines, they must be prepared initially in small portions – 50-100 g twice a day one hour before a meal. Start your diet with a drink of watermelon (for 1 liter of beverage is required 350 g of watermelon pulp, 150 g granulated sugar, lemon juice, 50 g of dry white wine, 600 g water; lemon juice and sugar are dissolved in hot distilled water, then brought to boiling; cool the mixture, then add into small cubes the watermelon and leave it for 30-40 minutes; then add the wine). And if on the second day you do not feel weight in your stomach or other side effects – you can confidently follow the five-day diet.

For 5 days you can usually lose no more than 3 kg. After you finish the diet it will not be bad if you include watermelon in your menu for another week or two. Here is an example menu for this period:

Breakfast – unsweetened oatmeal and a little cheese.

Lunch – fish or poultry with vegetable salad without the greasy component.

Dinner – watermelon in 1:30 ratio (1 kg pulp to 30 kg weight).

Keeping this watermelon diet would help you lose 8 kg.

In conclusion, here is an advice to those who still have decided to keep the radical watermelon diet: try to have at least 1 cleansing day during the week. Try to eat 1.5 to 2 kg watermelon for a day and nothing more. And this will be the beginning: you will surely believe in the healing power of this red – green fruit.


Watermelon Diet

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