Why More And More Women Are Including Milk Thistle In Their Diet

December 5, 2012

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Women Are Including Milk Thistle In Their Diet

Women Are Including Milk Thistle In Their Diet

One of the most common diseases among woman is breast cancer which may be a threat to her life. Though there are treatments which are available by which she may improve, at the back of the mind this remains a distressing disease. This can be avoided by regular and interim checkups on a daily basis so that if at all she is diagnosed with cancer, treatment may be commenced from the initial stage. There are numerous supplements with anti cancer characteristics that may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

One such notable supplement which is well known to have adversary effects on the cancer cells, helping to hold back the growth of cancer cells, is milk thistle.

What is milk thistle?

Milk thistle also known as Mary thistle is a native herb which is grown in Mediterranean countries. It grows in dry land and is about four to ten feet long. It has a thin and vertical stem which comprises of multiple branches. The leaves of the plant are huge in size and waxy with sharp ridges. The leaves comprise of a milky a sap which is milk thistle.

Benefits of milk thistle

Milk thistle is known for its beneficial properties. It helps in detoxification and functioning of liver and also used to treat ailments like cirrhosis of liver and unceasing hepatitis. It also helps in treatment of liver disorder and protects the liver cells from any kind of injuries. It also helps to reduce the growth of the cancerous cells present in the liver, breast and cervix. It also helps in treatment of diseases that are associated to estrogen. The bad types of the hormone are filtered out from the body.

Silymarin which is present in milk thistle, manages the menace of any estrogen-associated disease like breast tumors in woman. It also aids in regulation of the hormonal disparity like the progesterone as well as estrogen in woman.

How does milk thistle benefit women?

It has already been discussed that, milk thistle help in reduction of the cancerous cells in the breast and cervix, which are the most important physiologies in a woman. Apart from that it also helps to capability to slow down the enzyme named aldose reductase which is responsible for accumulation of sugar in the eyes. Out blood contains numerous toxins which are filtered by the liver. Milk thistle helps in the proper and accurate functioning of the liver, thus removing the harmful toxins from the body reducing the itching feeling which most women face. It also helps to fight depression as well as fatigue in women. This is causes mainly due to improper functioning of liver. Milk thistle helps in reducing the same by appropriate liver functioning. Milk thistle is also safe for pregnable women and nursing mothers.

In this fast world, the stress and unhealthy lifestyle, less exercise and irregular eating habits give rise to various diseases and thus injuring the liver. We can take care of the same by addition of milk thistle in our regular diet because it has Great curative and self-protective abilities. Silymarin in milk thistle is a very significant addition that can defend our liver against any kind of interventions.

Dosage and how it can be taken with the diet

Milk thistles can be eaten by roasting or boiling the roots, and then adding butter to it. It has a bitter taste which can be removed if soaked overnight and stewed. The leaves can also be eaten raw with salads and the flowers can be consumed like the heads of artichoke. The dosage of the supplement is 200 Gms mg around 2 or 3 times a day.

If you are arranging to yield this plant, make sure that the area is pretty sunny, and if you plan to consume it as a supplement in your diet, consider having organic pills. Try it out and get rid from the fear of breast and cervix cancer.


Why More And More Women Are Including Milk Thistle In Their Diet

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