Do Vitamins Improve Weight Loss?

August 27, 2012

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Vitamins Improve Weight Loss

Vitamins Improve Weight Loss

You might have heard about the importance of weight loss and vitamins in health. But do you know that vitamins help you in achieving weight loss? Yes it is true. Most vitamins aid in weight loss. Health experts emphasize the need to lose weight in a normal and healthy manner. The good thing about choosing vitamins to aid you towards your goal in losing weight is that they are non-addictive and natural in nature; they help in the reduction of food cravings, and speeds up metabolism which supports loss of weight.

Vitamins Improve Weight Loss

Weight loss does not only occur by eating healthily and doing exercise; it is also important to buy the right vitamins to help you lose weight. There are two ways that you can get vitamins: synthetic or laboratory processed in the form of a pill, or via natural the process through the food that you eat like fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits.

Most often, the vitamins involved in improving weight loss are vitamin B complex which is composed of the following:

  • Vitamin B2

This is known in the medical field as riboflavin. This works by making the cells use oxygen. According to experts, it increases the level of energy and aids in boosting your athletic performance which is a good thing for people who are aiming to lose weight. You can find it naturally in eggs and dark, green leafy vegetables.

  • Vitamin B6

The other medical name for this is pyridoxine. This aids in ensuring an optimal and healthy metabolic rate. The suggested milligram of intake is 1.3mg in both adult women and men. You can get this naturally from turkey, bananas and chicken.

  • Vitamin B9

This is otherwise known as Folate. It produces energy and improves the levels of metabolism and helps weight loss. You can get this vitamin by eating vegetables such as spinach and foods like beans, broccoli, and orange juice.

  • Vitamin B12

This vitamin is known to stoke your system and aids in the improvement of the metabolized fats. Aside from that, it has a vital role in the metabolism of protein. The recommended dosage is 2.4 mcg daily. Sources of this vitamin include cheese, clams, shellfish, and beef liver.

  • Vitamin B3

This is known as niacin and it improves the ability of the body to burn food. In addition, it aids in the metabolism of fats. It regulates factors of health that are related to loss of weight like lowering cholesterol levels. Natural sources include tuna, beets, peanuts and salmon.

  • Vitamin B5

This is known as pantothenic acid which is a vitamin that helps in the processing of fat in an efficient manner. You can get this vitamin from beans, whole grain bread, barley, wheat germ, liver, nuts, poultry, green vegetables and meat.

  • Choline

This is actually part of the vitamin B complex group. It is an example of a water soluble nutrient. It is an important vitamin because it creates neurotransmitters which are vital in the immune system. You can get this vitamin when you eat beef liver, soy lecithin, spinach, chicken, and cauliflower, as well as peanuts.

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Do Vitamins Improve Weight Loss?


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